how strange the feeling is
in this open thoroughfare
i waited to divulge a secret,
a short love affair

you opened up like a flower to the sun
basked in glorious rays
i felt my hand through your every strands
happiness should have begun

but lo, behold a devious plan
ingenious, i must say
to a stranger’s hand
you unwittingly fell prey

with eyes that sees only truth
the Machiavellian plan was revealed
tears, wasted and shed
devotion replaced with hatred

ephemeral, we may say
love may have grown instinctively
but stranger we must be
in a game we no longer play


i can smell you in my fingers
i can feel you in my veins
i see you stare at me through my eyes
i feel your body in mine

the curves you make when we touch
your moans when we make love
i feel and see you everywhere
and in everything i touch


i’m scared i might lose you
because i don’t know how to love
i’m scared to open our dresser
and find your clothes gone
i’m afraid to sleep at night
and find your side of the bed empty
i’m scared to eat alone
i’m afraid to watch movies alone
i’m scared to wake up and
do things we used to do together, alone
i’m afraid of the nights to come
with no one to walk beside me
i’m scared i might lose you
because i don’t know how to love