Passport Renewal

We scheduled the passport renewal today at eight in the morning but we arrived at the embassy twenty minutes late. Anyway, the queue was already long and we were at A038 around eight thirty. We were closely monitoring the screen showing the token numbers with their respective counters but our number never appeared. We learned that passport renewal applicants are manually called. The lady guard called two new numbers, A027 and A028, but they were not escorted inside the room. They were asked to sit and wait outside with the other 6-7 applicants. We were seated near the information desk. They were made to sit according to their numbers so the applicants seated were probably from A020 to A028. There were three or five applicants inside being processed. Since it took them a maximum of forty minutes to process an applicant we asked them if we can go out to eat. The lady guard (her name is Frelyn) said it’s fine and if our number is called while we’re away, she told us to just approach her.

We went to the nearby mall (18 minutes walk) to have our breakfast then went back. A good 40 minutes was spent. We thought that the last applicant before we left was still being processed but thankfully, our number was already called. We approached the lady guard and gave her the documents. Ten minutes passed and we’re done.

Overall experience was okay. There were no grumpy staffs. I highly recommend the lady guard named Frelyn. She was conversational and friendly. We could use more of her here abroad.


A priority lane for elders and couples with babies. I saw one with a newborn baby (I think) uncomfortably seated between a couple of men.

Requirements should all be listed upon scheduling online. I swear I did not know that we need to fill up a form until I opened the website yesterday and checked another link for passport renewal.

Plus, the form is really old and badly scanned.

A DM Gone Wrong

I was scrolling through my Twitter when I saw a tweet of my ex about her breakup and to be honest, I felt genuinely bad for her. So I sent her a direct message asking how she is and where she is at the moment. The conversation was going fine until I told her that I saw her post about her break up and asked her if she’s okay. She replied and when I read it I was so annoyed with her reply that I had to read it a couple of times.

I don’t know if it was just me reading the message in a different tone. Maybe there’s some other explanation to that reply but I was so pissed that I apologized for disturbing her and ended the conversation. She replied but I did not read it being so pissed.

Look, I’m not hitting on you, okay. I somehow know how it feels and I felt really bad that you are in this situation again because I did that to you before and I think it was the worst thing anyone can experience. Maybe it was a stupid question to ask (if you were okay) but, what else can I ask you about? I know you’re not okay and that question was some sort of formalities to set the mood to let you know that you can actually talk to me. I’m not that unfeeling, cold-hearted bitch you’ve always imagined.

I will not send any DMs anymore, for sure. I’ll just comfort you from afar then.


One week leave be like…

I didn’t realize how tiring it is to wake up early in the morning while on leave just so you could look for a job. It literally takes a lot of will and determination to take a shower. I don’t know. Maybe because I have a job and a pending job offer or I don’t want the people in the office to see me walking in the streets (I leave near our office) or I’m just fucking lazy. I’m inclined to agree on the latter.

Today is the second day of my five-day leave. Basically, I stayed in the house all day, still doing the usual chores but just can’t find the will to go out of the goddam door and into the streets. I haven’t seen the sun for more than 24 hours. I’m a bit pissed right now with people in general. People who can’t mind their own business. There are people who assume authority over you the moment you start being friendly. I swear to God. I hate people who hovers.

The 5th Wave

An idiotic review.

The entire family just finished watching the movie The 5th Wave so here’s my two cents about it. This is a personal point of view and some points may appear idiotic.

The first thirty minutes was so intense and I was so invested I did not even care that one of us literally farted inside the cinema. Yes, FARTED. I was like “This movie might just be the best movie I’ve ever watched.” The first wave up until they “US army” arrived in the refugee camp, for me, was the best part.

So it came to the part where they were loading the kids to the school bus. The armies were actually aliens, right? All of them, right? Now, Sam wanted his bear. Cassie went out to get it. Cassie, there is an alien invasion and you and your brother will be shipped to a different camp without your father, you are in charge. Didn’t it dawn on you to tell the driver to wait for you? Like even if the driver will not allow you, I mean, that should be your first instinct. Also, the armies saw Cassie running after the bus and they were there for the kids so why on Earth did they not stop the driver? Fucking aliens, man!

They have the mechanics of advanced space travel and stop Earth’s technology (they must be really super intelligent) but they need KIDS to kill the survivors. Great! Either the aliens forget about their super advanced technology after the fourth wave or they’re psychotic, unfeeling bunch of space dudes who like to see children killing people. And those damn trackers, why didn’t they install something that records conversation in real time? If Iron Man can do it, why can’t the damn aliens? If I invade a planet, trackers that can record real time conversation should be first on my planetary invasion pack. Well, no scratch that. I won’t even need a tracker because I surely don’t need to wait for the fifth wave. Biological warfare, duh!

Another thing that we should take note during an alien invasion is not to trust a good looking guy and Cassie clearly missed this point. Yeah, okay he was harmless but was he? Aliens taking about love is just weird, okay? Oh, and the Twilight scene where he fought against two other Silencers, that was so Edward Cullen of you, Evan!

Back in Camp Haven, Evan was wrecking havoc by bombing parts of the camp and they we’re not even able to locate him and he appeared out of nowhere right when Ben and Cassie needed him and then kissed Cassie in front of Ben while the bombs were ticking. Perfect!

Turning point in this movie was the part when Cassie was left behind by the bus. If Cassie and Sam were brought together in Camp Haven, she would be trained as well. She’ll meet Ben, they will kiss and find out about the identity of Vosch and the others. Evan Walker might not even exist. When Vosch caught Ben lying it would have been him and Cassie sitting on that chair and getting licked for lying. They will be killed or punished and it would happen because there will be no hopeless romantic Evan Walker setting off bombs.


The entire movie was the result of incompetent strategic planning by the aliens.

Pray for Paris

I saw the news this morning about the several deadly attacks in Paris and it really breaks my heart. Let us show compassion to the innocent people who were among the 128 who died.

I have French friends and I can’t imagine the horrow they felt right now. We are all loving people no matter where we live, no matter our religion and beliefs.

Let us not forget that these people include normal people who are struggling in their day to day lives and what happened today is unimaginable.

Find it in your heart to think about the French people tonight and moving forward, let us think not just about France but also those who suffer violence in other countries.

Things that I regret not doing

They say that you are what you are now because of the decisions you made in the past. Am I happy with what I am now? Yes, I am but I have regrets. I did not even realized that it is possible.

I regret not pushing my parents to let me study in a university and instead, I enrolled in a local college where I was forced to take whatever course was still open. I took up teaching which is far from what I really wanted.

I thought I cannot argue with my parents. Their decision is the rule.

Before I graduated in high school, our teachers let us take an assessment to know what you’re really good at and to help you decide on your future careers. I took the test and I excelled in music. My teacher advised me to enroll in a music school in Cebu City but when I told my parents about it, they said that it’s too far and they cannot monitor me.

I did not argue with them. I did not fight for what I really wanted. I gave up my dream. My dream of becoming big crushed because I let them.

My advice to my readers is to always follow your dreams. Never let anyone crush it. I’m not saying that you need to disobey. I’m telling you to stand up for it and show them that they are not wrong in letting you follow it.

Don’t bank on could-have-beens.

High and Low: The Rise and the Possible Fall of Vice Ganda

Who is Vice Ganda? How did he rise to fame? Is his downfall even possible?

Jose Marie Borja Viceral (Vice Ganda) is a Filipino actor, talk show host, recording artist, and endorser. He was born on March 31, 1976. He studied Political Science in FEU and he was the only man in the history of UAAP who was the Finals MVP in women’s division in 2003. When his father (a barangay captain) was murdered when he was young, his mother worked abroad as a caregiver to sustain the family.

Photo by Wikipedia. User 001Jrm

Vice Ganda started his career as a standup comedian in Punchline and The Library. His brand of humor includes situational irony, insult comedy, and sarcasm. He’s also starred in various teleseryes like Kokey, Maging Sino Ka Man: Ang Pagbabalik, and Ligaw Na Bulaklak. He amassed a large number of fans including me.

I first saw him in Wowowee. He was one of the contestants in the Wheel of Fortune segment, playing against Ate Glo. I saw how he made fun of one of the audience, a Canadian. He is witty and he seems to know how to turn every situation into something funny.

I thought it was a harmless joke. I thought, hey, that’s his job; his way of living.

After that appearance, I haven’t heard or seen him on television. I don’t watch a lot of television shows, mind you but I watch the news and I saw a clip of Vice Ganda performing in one of his sold-out concerts. From that day on, it’s almost impossible to miss Vice Ganda. He’s become a household name.

In 2009, he became one of the guest judges in top noontime show It’s Showtime. As a guest he was bound to be replaced after a week but he accumulated a lot of fans that they rallied to have him as a show regular. He was then called as the Unkabogable (unbeatable) Vice Ganda.

After being a regular host in It’s Showtime, he landed the primary role in Petrang Kabayo followed by the The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin, the highest-grossing film in the Philippines. You can’t deny his success. He labored for it. He has become so famous that even kids know who he is. Everyone wants to know Vice Ganda, they want to be as successful as him. They want to be like him so bad that they copied including his expressions.

There’s this expression in Philippines that goes like this:

M: Pagbilhan nga po nang suka.

T: Suka po?

M: Ay hindi, hindi. Kape, pabili nang kape.

This is so Vice Ganda. I first saw it in Petrang Kabayo. The scene in that movie was like this:

V: Pagtimpla mo nga ako nang kape.

S: Black coffee po?

V: Hindi. Blue. Blue coffee, kaya mo?

And another one,

V: Ipasok mo nga yung mga papeles ko.

S: Saan ko po ipapasok, sir? Dito sa loob?

V: Hindi, sa labas. Ipasok nga di ba? Pwede bang ipasok sa labas? Sige nga, subukan mong ipasok ngayon sa labas.

It sounded funny then but you can’t talk to people nowadays without these lines. Kids do it most of the time. It has become annoying.

Aside from these stupid expressions, I also believe that Vice Ganda’s fame get to his head. Remember that time when It’s Showtime WAS the top noontime show? I saw a clip from the segment of It’s Showtime called May Nagtext… He pretends to read a message from the rival noontime show saying that the rival show is in awe of It’s Showtime’s popularity and that they are amazed of their constant high ratings.

Mahal kong Showtime. Lahat na lang napauso nyo na, tuloy wala na sa aming natira. Bow ako sa inyong husay, wala sa inyong papantay. Nagmamahal, this is EAT.”

At the end of the message, he said the following famous words that is now being used against him.

“Kaloka! Sabihin nyo na ang lahat nang sasabihin nyo sakin sa dyaryo, hindi nyo ako mapapahinto.”

To those who doesn’t have the idea of what he was talking about, the message supposedly came from the rival noontime show Eat Bulaga. One of the hosts in Eat Bulaga is Joey de Leon, a columnist, known for his poetic satire. That episode was directed to Joey and Eat Bulaga.

It is only understandable for show hosts to release negative comments about their rivals. I believe at some point, Eat Bulaga may have released a few negative comments towards It’s Showtime. I would have understood Vice Ganda’s stance if he stand up to it. It is only normal in the showbiz world.

But what happened after the phenomenal success of AlDub (under Eat Bulaga) showed what a hypocrite Vice Ganda is. On July 16, 2015,  the accidental pairing of Alden Richards and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) made a great success not only in the Philippines but all over the world. It’s the talk of the social media world. Fans went wild. The Twitter world was flocked by AlDub fans called the AlDub Nation. The show gets at least a million tweets everyday. The October 24 show has beaten the world record of the most number of tweets within 24 hours. The #ALDubEBTamangPanahon gathered 41 million tweets breaking the current record of #WorldCup. The tickets were sold out after 2-3 days. The world’s largest indoor arena was flocked by 55,000 AlDub fans. International artists like Bryan White, Dawin, and Barbie Xu was curious about AlDub. Advertisers rushed to get a contract with the pair. Magazines featuring them gets sold out hours after the release. Sales doubled on the products these two endorsed. You can say that AlDub at this point is unstoppable or should  I say, unkabogable. AlDub fans united to break whatever is on AlDub’s path to fame.

It’s Showtime released a similar segment featuring Pastillas Girl (Angelica Yap). The segment aimed to find Mr. Right for her. But in my opinion, the segment’s main aim was to compete with AlDub. Guess what, they failed. They ended the segment and Vice Ganda released a statement.

Kasi naman po ilalagay nyo po kami sa noontime, hindi naman po namin kayang talunin ang Eat Bulaga. Kahit pagsamasamahin namin ang powers namin at magtitiwarik ako dito, hindi namin kayang talunin ang Eat Bulaga. Sabi nang boss namin “Sino ba nagsabing tatalunin nyo ang Eat Bulaga? Hindi naman namin kayo ilalagay sa noontime para talunin ang Eat Bulaga.”

I’m not an idiot and I don’t have Alzheimer’s either. It’s a ploy. A strategy to win back people’s sympathy. Vice is still in the show and he’s still as famous as he was but no one will ever forget this. Filipinos forgive but they never forget.

His downfall? Well, maybe it’s on its way. AlDub continues to win people’s heart and Showtime has another segment featuring housemates from Pinoy Big Brother house. I will not hesitate in saying that it is a copy of AlDub’s Kalyeserye. It is even titled Tomiho Realiserye (like, really?). The split screen romance is a copy and the TVJ-like attendance of Vice Ganda and other hosts is a copy. I can’t say for certain if this segment will last but I am certain that AlDub fans will not let copycats steal the fame.


In one of Vice Ganda’s interview a few months after his fame, he said:

“As they say,” he said, “kapag ukol talagang bubukol. You just have to wait for the right time. I waited for so long, but I’m glad that I didn’t give up.”

Well, Vice Ganda, maybe now is the right time for AlDub. Maybe yours has passed. Maybe it’s not the right time for Tomiho. Maybe you can apply what you said. Maybe you just have to wait for the right time.